ASQ 0814 Meeting on Thursday, 2/8/2018

Those who couldn’t make it to the February meeting missed out a a very dynamic evening.   Denice Marcinko, our own section secretary and holder of CQA and CQI certifications, directed the attendees through a team building exercise called “The Marshmallow Challenge”, which originated from a TED Talk (see the YouTube video) by Tom Wujec.

There were enough attendees to create 3 teams of 4 members each. Denice provided each team with 1 yard of masking tape, 1 yard of string, 20 pieces of spaghetti (uncooked, of course), and one marshmallow

It was a lively 18 minutes as Denice counted down the allotted time to use the materials provided to create the highest freestanding structure possible that would support a marshmallow at the top.  There was a definitive winning team whose tower is portrayed in the accompanying picture.

After the exercise, the winners de-briefed the other attendees on their process to create the winning tower, which stood 23” tall.  The members followed with some comments and observations about activity structured meetings (most people like them) and other types of meeting programs that provide value to the membership.

Thanks go to Denice for stepping up and organizing our February meeting (from food to program).  Our March program will feature 2 more section members (Nancy Hall and Vicki Buttermore) sharing their experience in the Mentoring program at Parker Hannifin Fluid Systems Division in Elyria.